Hylomar Universal Blue - Manufactured by Marston Domsel GmbH under license of Hylomar Ltd.. Non Setting Gasket & Jointing Compound Adopted worldwide for use in sealing Petrol, Diesel engines and automotive transmissions.



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Hylomar Universal Blue

Non Setting Gasket & Jointing Compound
Adopted worldwide for use in sealing Petrol,
Diesel engines and automotive transmissions.
Made by Hylomar UK Ltd
JJ Gandhi Chemicals (Indian counterpart)

Best for Industrial use

Important Features ::

Non hardening and non setting even at high temperatures.

Allows metal to metal contact ensuring a very strong structural joint.

Unlimited assembly time allows precise alignment of joints to be made.

Withstands vibration.

Flame, dust and moisture proofing properties.

Resistant to air, turbine and piston engine combustion products, water, glycol / water,
methanol / water mixtures, petroleum and synthetic diester lubricating oil, gasoline and kerosene fuels and flourocarbon refrigerants.

Can be used o joint faces subject to rapid variations in temperature.

Vertical and underside applications are easy due to its non running qualities.

Easy to dismantle due to its non hardening properties.

Seals surface imperfections.

Color :: Blue

Typical Applications ::

Water and oil pumps, instruments inspection cover, cylinder heads and sumps.

Coating pre-formed gaskets, weatherproofing motors and outdoor high voltage circuit breakers.

Inlet manifolds, timing case covers, oil pumps joints, gearbox and transmission components, thread sealing.

Gas turbines, water cooled generators, turbo vacuum systems and any machined surface.

Material Compatibility ::

Universal blue will not affect glass, ceramics or metal.

Typical Properties ::
Color :: Blue
One-part sealant.
Thickness of residue = 0.03 mm
Surface finish = 3.0 m (max)
Temperature range = 50 deg C to 250 deg C approx.

Packing ::  100 GM tube.

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