Problem Solutions
    Molykote 111
    Molykote BG 555
    Molykote P 37
    Molykote Range
    Molykote TP 42
    Molykote MOS2 Powder

RTV Silicone Sealants
  Engg / Auto Industry
    Silastic 732
    Silastic 733
    Silastic 734
    Silastic 736

    Building Industry
    Dow Corning CCS
    Dow Corning 1000
    Dow Corning 995
    Dow Corning 983
    Dow Corning 795
    Dow Corning 789
    Dow Corning 991 HP
    DC Glass Sealant

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    DC 200 Silicone Oil
    Silicone Spray


    Molykote Zinc Spray

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Welcome To Four-P International Pvt Ltd
Welcome To
Four-P International Pvt Ltd

Product Range ::
Molykote Lubricants

Silastic RTV Silicone Sealants
Dow Corning Products
Silicone Oils / Fluids Silicone Greases Silicone Compounds Silicone Removers Caulking/ Sealant/ Applicator Guns
Alualfa window Handles
Securistyle window Friction stays
Mould Release Spray-Silicone Teflon non stick coatings Anti friction coatings Hylomar
Normount - Mounting tapes
Norseal PU foams Norton double side adhesive tapes Thermal Bond Glazing Tape (Space Tapes) AquaFix Leak Repair Solutions AquaFix Steel Putty AquaFix Quick Wrap Repair Kit AquaFix Quick Patch Repail AquaFix Rapid Stop Xiameter
Cem-FIL Anti-Crak
Teflon Coatings
Chemours (Dupont)

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